Loss Adjusters

Loss-Adjusters For 22 years Regenisys have been providing professional advice and consultancy services to Loss Adjusters. Over this time Regenisys has provided advice and guidance on all sizes and types of claims.

Regenisys have been involved in most types of events across all industries both in New Zealand and internationally.

Regenisys can assist with;

  • Consultancy

Regenisys have a breadth of experience and are able to share this experience with Loss Adjusters assisting them towards the best course of action in any given incident.

  • Inventories

Regenisys are able to complete inventories for equipment involved in an incident, from domestic properties to large manufacturing plants and office blocks. Inventories are tailored for each incident but normally contain item description, make, age, model, serial number, the condition of the item and whether damage has been caused by the incident in question.

  • Recommended action

Regenisys can provide detailed inspections, find cause of failures and provide recommendations on the best course of action.

  • Complete recommendations

Regenisys are able to decontaminate and precision clean items down to component level. To completely remove any contaminates a thorough process needs to be followed. This process contains multiple steps, and includes the item being disassembled, individual components chemically cleaned and moisture removed in a vacuum oven.

CAUTION: When only surface cleaning is completed, and/or cleaning with compressed air, failure can still occur. Contamination remains in the system, on connections, metal components, plugs and circuit board legs for example, and failure will eventually occur from corrosion. To completely remove contaminates, decontamination and precision cleaning is required. Regenisys offers a 2 year corrosion warranty on items that have been through our process. See Dry Cleaning vs. Wet Cleaning.

If you have any questions or require advice contact us and speak to one of our experienced technicians.