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Equipment Restoration

Restoration Regenisys are the pioneers of equipment recovery within New Zealand. During our 20+ years of operation we have developed and refined a host of innovative methods for decontaminating and restoring all forms of technical equipment.

Unlike our competitors, decontamination is our core business.  It’s not something we do in our spare time or an extra service offered as an afterthought. This means that Regenisys has the superior knowledge and resources to make it the only serious solution for equipment restoration and decontamination in New Zealand.

Throughout New Zealand and the wider Asia Pacific region we have successfully restored equipment that has been exposed to every conceivable form of contamination, such as floodwater, sewerage, corrosive soot from fire, acid vapour, mould, pollution from production processes, building debris, contamination from the natural environment (salt, sulphur etc) and just old age.

Why Use Our Services

Contamination is very rarely limited to what can be seen on the outside.  Smoke, dust and other contaminates will penetrate into every internal space of the affected equipment. If not completely removed, internal contamination will contribute to a significant reduction in the service life of the equipment. Our process of complete disassembly and wet cleaning of individual components is the only effective method of ensuring the total removal of contamination, thus assuring continued long term reliability

The methods used by Regenisys were developed internationally to meet the requirements of the world’s largest reinsurance provider and major manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment

Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning

Only very light, dry particles can be removed successfully by dry cleaning methods i.e. brushing, compressed air or a combination of brushing and vacuuming. Inter-particulate adhesion limits the effectiveness of dry cleaning where the contamination particles are smaller than 10µm regardless of the quality of the vacuum system utilised.

Wet cleaning decontamination methods and procedures are able to remove all particulate matter, to any specific requirement or specification on a consistently repeatable basis.

A simple example of the difference between ‘wet’ cleaning and ‘dry’ cleaning is cleaning the outside of a car. To attempt to remove particulate matter (dust) by simply vacuuming the exterior would be immediately recognised as ineffective. Wet cleaning with the correct chemicals would be the superior solution.

This example may seem simplistic in relation to sophisticated electronics, but does illustrate the effectiveness of wet cleaning vs. brushing or vacuuming.

Is it Cost Effective?

Typically our services cost a fraction of the equipment’s replacement cost, however this is only one aspect of the cost equation, consider the following:

  • Sourcing and installing new specialist equipment can take anywhere from 2 to 12 months.
  • If the new equipment is not exactly the same, staff will need to be retrained.
  • If the new equipment is not exactly the same, other infrastructure may also need to be replaced or upgraded.
  • With IT equipment, software and data will need to be reloaded (do you still have the discs?)
  • For personal computers, staff will invariably waste valuable time re-customising their systems.

All of the above can wreak havoc with every aspect of the affected business and can lead to lost contracts and unhappy customers. On the other hand the time it takes to restore equipment can usually be measured in weeks rather than months thus significantly reducing interruptions and further losses.