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Server Room Cleaning

SRC In today’s business environment, IT and communications equipment have become crucial to the smooth running of any business. It does not matter if you are a sole trader operating from a home office, or a multi-national with thousands of employees. Downtime of any type causes major inconvenience and disruption.

Servers, Communications and Computer Rooms/Cabinets host a variety of equipment that demands a clean and stable environment in order to function correctly. Overseas studies have attributed 80% of IT equipment fires to ‘unknown’ causes that originated within the hardware itself. One major insurer has indicated that a significant percentage of spontaneous internal combustion occurred due to build-up of conductive particulate on circuit boards, micro-switches, and other components. In addition to fires, the relationship between contamination and equipment failure, especially in sensitive mass storage devices, has long been known. It is not just dust that causes problems; insects and rodents are attracted to the warmth and protection afforded by operating equipment.

Whether your server or computer room is just a closet or a mega centre, it needs to be regularly cleaned to maintain the health of the equipment. Contact us for an obligation free assessment of your needs.

Exterior Hardware Cleaning

Using proven techniques Regenisys removes dirt, dust, and other contaminants from your controlled environment. Not only the ones you can see, but more importantly the hidden ones you can’t see. Our technicians use specialised, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and HEPA filtered vacuums to remove even the smallest of micro-particles from your facility.

Under Floor Plenum Cleaning

Designed to deliver cool filtered air to the sensitive equipment above, the lifeline of any computer room is the plenum beneath its raised flooring. Unfortunately, because of gravity the plenum is also the area most prone to dirt and dust. Allowed to accumulate, these contaminants will be swept up and carried to your equipment by the circulating air.

Post Construction Cleaning

A successful controlled environment begins before the installation of your equipment. Proper site preparation is the first step in protecting your computer hardware investment. We have witnessed many incidents where something as simple as having a contractor install additional shelving in a computer cupboard has lead to catastrophic failure of the server system. By the time both the company’s and the contractors’ insurance companies have sorted out who pays for what, you have lost customers and suffered damage to your reputation.

Contact us before work commences and we can help to ensure a successful outcome.

Zinc Whiskers

Zinc (and Tin) Whiskers are tiny metallic crystalline growths believed caused by stress at the molecular level. Phenomena within the Tin or Zinc plating on many common metal components causes the molecules to align in such a way to produce tiny growths, or whiskers on the surface. These fuzz-like pure metal growths can easily break off, becoming airborne, and entering sensitive electronic systems such as computers, servers, and telephone systems.
More information on Zinc Whiskers can be found here.

Regenisys provides a consulting and remediation service for Zinc Whiskers and other contamination problems. Contact us now for more information.

Cable Mining and Identification

Abandoned cables can pose a fire hazard by adding to the amount of combustible material available for a fire to consume. Old cables add confusion to the troubleshooting process during emergencies and most importantly they take up space. Over time the build-up of cables can be so extensive that airflow is restricted. With airflow being the most precious commodity in equipment rooms, keeping the area unrestricted is vital to the proper operation of the air-conditioning distribution.

Regenisys offers a cable mining and removal service in conjunction with our cleaning services. With careful planning and working with an in-house network specialist we will identify and remove all unused cables. We can also provide products to assist you with labelling and managing your cables which can help save time during routine maintenance as well as helping to improve response times during emergencies