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334 Preventative Maintenance

Unplanned downtime is frustrating and costly to all businesses, studies have shown that dust, humidity and environmental pollution substantially diminish the useful life of electronic equipment. The accumulative effect may vary from modest interruption of programs to complete operational failure.

Why Electronics Should Be Cleaned

The objective of preventative maintenance is to sustain the original performance characteristics of equipment for as long as possible. Any electrical or electronic equipment that is installed in a dirty environment will suffer from a substantially reduced service life unless regularly maintained.

Particulate contamination from dust, humidity or production process pollution is often the biggest contributing factor to premature component failure. Common airborne contaminants will eventually deposit on the internal components of electronic equipment, especially as most electronics are fitted with cooling fans, while doing a great job of keeping the system cool dramatically increase the amount of contamination ingested.

What Does Contamination Do?

Contamination often has insulating characteristics which cause overheating and premature component failure. Additionally, most airborne contamination is highly absorbent so any change in humidity can lead to moisture absorption and then lead to electrical leakage and potential short circuiting.

The Solution

Periodic cleaning and decontamination of electronic equipment can significantly increase reliability and longevity. Dry cleaning such as vacuum or compressed air is not as effective as wet cleaning. See Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning.

If your equipment is constantly exposed to a highly contaminated environment, the application of a conformal coating after cleaning can further increase the life expectancy and reliability of the equipment.

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