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Contamination Testing

Regenisys offer contamination testing after fire, chemical, construction or environmental related incidents.

There are a variety of tests and procedures that Regenisys can carry out to measure levels of contamination. Our commonly used sampling methods provide a general indication to the level of contamination, including airborne and surface contamination.

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Testing options include:

  • Ionic contamination quick tests

This testing is immediate and can be used to identify levels of acid contaminates and their potential to cause corrosion of metallic surfaces. Quick tests may also be used identify possible smoke contamination path.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

During fire situations, many organic compounds can be given off, normally as vapours due to their low boiling points.

  • Onsite Targeted Air sampling

Regenisys can provide targeted sampling for specific compounds that may be found following a fire. This testing will commonly include Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Ammonia.

  • Surface wipe sampling – Semivolatile Organic Compounds (SVOCs)

Testing for surface residue contamination.

  • Sample Testing & Comparison

Samples of specific items, including packaging materials, fabrics, timber and plasterboard, can be analysed to determine if contamination has occurred. Sample testing can also be used to determine the source of suspected contamination, for example from plaster dust or concrete dust. For more information about the impact of concrete dust and other construction debris,  see Regenisys’ online technical library document ‘effects of concrete powders on electronics’.