Our Services

Specialist in Damage Assessment and Reinstatement of Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Including Root Cause Failure Analysis, After Fire Contamination Testing, Decontamination and Repairs.

  • Specialised Equipment Hire

    Regenisys have Ozone Generators and Commercial Dehumidifiers available for hire. Contact Regenisys for more details.

  • Contamination Testing

    Regenisys offer contamination testing after fire, chemical, construction or environmental related incidents. There are a variety of tests and procedures that Regenisys can carry out to measure levels of contamination. Our commonly used sampling methods provide a general indication to the…

  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

    Regenisys clean, restore and protect circuit boards. If you have an old circuit board that is dirty from soot, mud, environmental contaminates or corrosion then Regenisys are able to restore these circuit boards to a clean condition. Regenisys are also…