Our Services

Specialist in Damage Assessment and Reinstatement of Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Including Root Cause Failure Analysis, After Fire Contamination Testing, Decontamination and Repairs.

  • Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance Unplanned downtime is frustrating and costly to all businesses, studies have shown that dust, humidity and environmental pollution substantially diminish the useful life of electronic equipment. The accumulative effect may vary from modest interruption of programs to complete…

  • Consulting

    Regenisys provide post disaster inspection and surveying to determine scope and extent of damage. This is followed by detailed inventory reporting, providing a professional opinion on the level of damage incurred and the options available. Regenisys provide consulting services on…

  • Emergency Response

    Immediately following contamination it is essential to stabilise the condition of affected equipment and the environment where the equipment is located, in order to minimise the risk of further contamination or damage. Following stabilisation a detailed inspection of the equipment…